Create Custom Start Screen Tiles in Windows 8

Option for adding arguments for programs is available

Adding a new tile to the modern Start Screen in Windows 8 is a simple job, but the results are just as unimpressive. With OblyTile you can add a little pizzazz to this area of the OS by creating custom tiles for various programs, folders and even websites.

Personalization of these items goes beyond adding a specific color in the background and extends to applying a custom image and choosing the color for the text.

Furthermore, OblyTile mixes in the possibility to run programs as an administrator as well as run them with certain arguments. These options are also available in the Properties dialog of any application shortcut in Windows.

All the tiles are saved in the built-in manager and can be tweaked at any time. OblyTile also allows you to customize the Modern UI shortcuts for various Windows locations and tools such as Command Prompt, Disk Defragmenter, Paint, Notepad, Libraries or Control Panel.

Download OblyTile

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