Customization Power Makes Windows 8 More User-Friendly – Analyst

“Windows 8 can be customized to be like Windows 7”

Windows 8 has always been criticized for the lack of a Start Menu, but Netmetix Business Development Manager Greig Schofield says that all customization options provided by the new OS make it easier to use.

Schofield admitted, however, that Windows 8 has been specifically optimized for touchscreen-capable devices, but it still does its job on desktop computers that do not feature such hardware.

Even if it doesn’t come with the traditional Start Menu, Windows 8 can be customized in such a way that employee training is not required anymore. It supports so many customization options that it gets closer to Windows 7 in terms of GUI, he said.

"You have the advantage of Window 8 but can customise it to be like Windows 7 then negate that training need to some extent. So I'd say that's probably what will happen for a lot of businesses," Schofield was quoted as saying by CMI.

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