Cyber Monday Deal: Microsoft Surface RT 32 GB for $199.99 (€150)

Best Buy is still selling the Surface at this special price on Cyber Monday

Microsoft rolled out a pretty major discount on Black Friday, selling the Surface RT with 32 GB of storage space for only $199.99 (€150), but other retailers are doing the same thing on Cyber Monday.

While Redmond prefers to focus its efforts on the Pro version of the Surface, Best Buy continues to sell the RT model for $199.99, which is basically the lowest price for the device since its launch in October 2012.

At this point, the tablet is no longer available online via Best Buy’s website, so you need to pay a visit to the nearest store to see if it’s still in stock.

The Surface RT is Microsoft’s first tablet in history and runs Windows RT, which can be updated to Windows RT 8.1, and comes with a 10.6-inch screen and a Tegra 3 processor. It’s only able to run Modern apps downloadable from the store and no support for legacy software is being offered.

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