DI.FM for Windows 8 Now Available for Download

Listen to your favorite electronic music without leaving the Metro UI

The number of apps available on the Windows 8 platform is quickly increasing, with many more developers deciding to port their programs to Microsoft’s latest operating system.

The first tool aimed at Windows 8 users who want to listen to DI.FM radio stations is now up for grabs in the Store, coming not only with a freeware license, but also with a great feature package.

The app lets you stream all stations from DI.FM and favorite any channel to quickly resume playback at a later time. In addition, it also comprises background support for easy listening while working on your Windows 8 device.

And speaking of Windows 8 devices, DI.FM can get along with all versions of the new operating system, including x86, x64 and ARM builds.

Click here to view the official DI.FM product page in your browser.

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