Dell Describes Windows 8.1 as a “Dramatic Improvement Over Windows 8”

Manufacturers expect Windows 8.1 to boost new PC sales after launch

Windows 8.1 is once again seen as a product that could significantly boost new PC sales in the first months after launch, with Dell now describing the OS update as “a dramatic improvement” over the first version of Windows 8.

Digitimes is reporting that Dell’s vice chairman Jeff Clarke has expressed his company’s commitment to Windows tablets in a new public statement, explaining that Microsoft’s operating system makes such devices not only easier to use, but also more secure.

"The reason that our Windows tablets are more secure and easier to manage than Android-based products and iOS-based products is because of Windows on our tablets," he said.

Microsoft has very high expectations from Windows 8.1, with the tech giant claiming that its new OS update is projected to spawn a new wave of devices, including hybrids and tablets.

According to the same report, Dell is also planning a 10.6-inch Windows tablet possibly powered by a Core I or an Atom processor.

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