Dell Says Windows Tablets Will Take Off Eventually

Tablets running Windows have great potential in the enterprise sector

Dell's president of global sales and client solutions, David Schmoock, said in a recent interview that despite the slow early adoption, Windows tablets have a terrific potential, at least in the enterprise business, where his company is ready to invest even more than before.

Statistics provided by Strategy Analytics and published by BI show that Android snatched the lion's share in the tablet industry in Q1 2014 with 65.8 percent of the tablet industry, while Apple's iPad came second with 28.4 percent. Windows tablets were far behind with only 5.8 percent.

And still, Windows is well positioned to continue growth, at least in the tablet industry, Schmoock says. And he really has a good explanation for this.

iPad and Android tablet buyers pretty much want an extension of their smartphones when buying such a device, while those who opt for Windows tablets seek an extension of a laptop, he said. That's exactly what Microsoft was seeking from the very beginning, as Redmond positioned its Surface lineup as a powerful replacement for the traditional laptop.

Of course, Dell would continue investments in the enterprise sector with more Windows tablets, but it also depends on the improvements that Microsoft is planning to make to the core platform. According to sources, Windows 9 would further strengthen the tablet side of the operating system, so Microsoft partners could make the right decision by focusing on such projects.

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