DownTube for Windows 8.1 Update with HD Video Improvements – Free Download

A new version of the app is now offered to users via the Windows Store

DownTube for Windows 8.1 is one of the best applications available right now that allow you to download your favorite clips from YouTube straight from the Modern interface of your operating system.

Of course, since it’s being offered free of charge, plenty of users are already running it, so it’s no surprise that updates are being released on a regular basis.

A new version rolled out today comes to fix HD links, as some of the users who installed older builds reported problems with HD videos that couldn’t be downloaded in some cases.

The feature lineup remains unchanged, so you still get options to watch YouTube videos, download them with just a few taps, receive notifications on finished downloads and track their progress, edit music artist, title, album and genre or MP3s and share links of YouTube videos using the Windows 8 charms.

DownTube provides support for all Windows 8 builds currently on the market, including the tablet-oriented Windows RT that’s also powering a number of tablets, such as Microsoft’s very own Surface RT.

Overall, the update is quite important for plenty of users out there, so in case you’re a YouTube aficionado who already made the move to Windows 8, download DownTube right now to see what’s new.

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