Download Google Chrome 26.0.1410.64 Stable

It updates Adobe Flash, restores position of the “Print” command

Google pushed to users a new stable build of Chrome browser. For Windows and Chrome Frame the fresh build number is 26.0.1410.64, while for Mac and Linux it is 26.0.1410.63.

The main reason for this update is the inclusion of the newly released Adobe Flash Player 11.7 stable, which fixes the issues with the failing copy shortcut (Ctrl+C). Furthermore, font rendering when viewing Flash content should now be okay on Mac OS.

The developer also announced that the fresh Chrome release includes overall stability improvements.

On Windows, if the data folder is non-existent, the user is shown the dialog for choosing the data directory before creating the local state. By doing this, a check failure is avoided. Once the new location is obtained, Chrome is restarted with the “--user-data-dir” included in the command line.

The position of the “Print” command in the context menu of a selected text has been moved lower, just above the spacer, as it was in earlier versions of the browser. This makes access to the “Search Google for,” a function used more frequently, much easier.

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