Download Google Chrome Dev 24.0.1312.5

It includes repairs for two crashes and memory leak on Windows

Together with releasing a new major stable version for Chrome, Google has also updated the dev channel of the browser, to build 24.0.1312.5. It is currently available for all supported platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame).

The new revision brings to the table only repairs that address crashes, a memory leak on Windows and the cleanup process for older versions of the browser.

Google Chrome could end its activity when installing an extension and the browser window goes away and when closing a tab with uncommitted search navigation.

Additional fixes refer to the occurrence of an artifact (a black line) when changing the theme on Windows from a dark one to the default one. On Mac, the browser would not exit full-screen mode on Flash content when pressing Esc key.

Another issue solved in this release is the failure to change focus from Omnibox to find-in-page dialog on mouse click.

Download Google Chrome for Windows

Download Google Chrome for Mac
Download Google Chrome for Linux

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