Download Kaspersky Now for Windows 8 for Free

A new application developed by Kaspersky is up for grabs

Windows 8 users who have installed Kaspersky security products on their computers may be excited to hear that the security company released a new tool supposed to keep them up to date with the latest security news, threat alerts and expert views.

What’s more, Kaspersky Now is compatible with both Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013, enabling users to perform some of the common tasks, including scanning and updating, without leaving the Modern UI of your Windows 8 computer.

In addition, the app provides a complete overview of the security status of your PC, as well as dedicated options to renew the license for the aforementioned two software products.

The application is aimed at users of all Windows 8 versions, so it can be installed not only on desktop computers, but also on Windows RT tablets.

Click here to view Kaspersky Now’s Windows Store product page in your browser.

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