Download Microsoft’s Majestic Mountains Windows 8 Theme for Free

The company has just released a new Windows 8 theme

If you’re one of those people who have already installed Windows 8 on their home or work computers and you’re looking for a way to customize your desktop, Microsoft lends you a hand in this regard.

The Majestic Mountains Panoramic Theme is a Windows 8 add-on that brings high-quality mountain wallpapers right on your desktops.

There’s no need to install anything else, simply download this theme, install it and you’re ready to go.

“Majestic Mountains Panoramic Theme is meant to provide users with replacements to their typical desktop wallpaper as it will be replaced by high-quality photos of great-looking mountains,” Microsoft explains.

The theme also comes with dual-monitor support, so all wallpapers are automatically extended to the second monitor in case it’s available.

Download the Majestic Mountains Panoramic Theme from Softpedia

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