Download One of the Best Dropbox Clients for Windows 8

Here’s a third-party app that does a lot more than the official client

We’ve already told you that the official Dropbox client for Windows 8 was a pretty disappointing software solution, so here’s an app that could really lend you a hand when it comes to managing files stored in the cloud.

The so-called 8FilesInABox is a Dropbox client that comes with a great feature package, including upload and download options. Keep in mind that the official Dropbox app was more like a Metro interface for the files stored in your online account, so this third-party program is clearly a lot better.

In addition, it comes with support for the search and share Charms, but also with a dedicated utility to set files as favorite and keep them available offline.

8FilesInABox works on all Windows 8 devices, including x64, x86 and ARM builds, and has a price tag of only $2.49 (€1.85).

Click here to view the 8FilesInABox Windows Store page in your browser.

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