Download One of the Best File Managers for Windows 8 Metro

File Brick comes with a great feature package and a touch-friendly design

Windows 8 doesn’t come with a built-in file manager for its Metro UI, but the Windows Store comes with some pretty interesting solutions, regardless of whether you’re using the desktop or the RT version of the new operating system.

File Brick is one of the best choices, as it packs not only very intuitive options, but also a touch-optimized design that makes using the app on a tablet a real breeze.

It lets you browse files in local drivers, including HHD and external drives, but also those stored in the cloud, as it offers support for Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive and Box.

In addition, you can perform all basic operations, such as copy, paste, move, rename, delete and create a new folder.

Last but not least, File Brick comes with in-app playback of media files, including music, videos and photos, plus thumbnail view to quickly preview folder contents.

Click here to view the Windows Store page of File Brick in your browser.

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