Download Rain Alarm for Windows 8 Free of Charge

Get rain notifications on any Windows 8 device at no cost

Rain Alarm is a Windows 8 software solution that can send warnings whenever it detects rain or snow conditions in a user-defined location using either the built-in notification system or the live tiles.

A radar animation based on Google Maps provides real-time updates, as well as brief weather information in a very professional-looking interface.

The app uses governmental weather services and comes with support for a long list of countries, including not only the US, but also Australia, Singapore, the UK and Germany.

There are plenty of configuration settings available in the program, including options to change the default location, alarms and appearance. It works on x86 and x64 desktop versions of Windows 8, but also on ARM devices, such as Microsoft’s own Surface RT.

Click here to view Rain Alarm’s Windows Store product page in your browser.

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