Download Steve Ballmer Facts for Windows 8

Get some funny facts about Microsoft’s CEO on your Windows 8 device

Microsoft’s CEO is definitely an inspiring man, so inspiring that some people decided to create apps with Steve Ballmer as the main character.

The “Steve Ballmer Facts” app available in the Windows Store right now is probably the best example, as it comes with a large collection of jokes aimed at Microsoft’s well-known CEO.

The app is based on Chuck Norris facts and displays all jokes in the Modern UI of your Windows 8 device. It supports all versions of the operating system, including x86, x64 and ARM builds.

Of course, the app comes with a freeware license and even though there still are some things to be improved in future versions, it’s still a simple way to bring a smile on your face.

Click here to view the Steve Ballmer Facts app product page in your browser.

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