Download Stickman 2D: Evolution for Windows 8

A great game for Windows 8 for both desktop computers and tablets

Stickman 2D: Evolution is now up for grabs for adopters of Microsoft’s latest operating system, regardless of whether they’re running Windows 8 on a desktop computer or on a tablet.

The game requires users to draw each stickman and then send it into the battle, with your drawing skills determining how healthy the stickman is.

“You then send them to capture diverse objectives such as guard towers and village bonuses, with the ultimate goal of winning each battle and moving on to the next Age of stickman,” the game description reads.

Stickman 2D: Evolution comes with four playing modes, namely Stone Age, Iron Age, Renaissance and Modern age, but also with additional “Challenge” levels and “Insane” difficulty mode.

A full license costs $2.99 (€2.21), but a trial version is also available.

Click here to view the Stickman 2D: Evolution product page in your browser.

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