Download The Bat! 5.0.30 Winter Edition

Comes with a slew of bug fixes and improvements, plenty of Plugin API features

It is traditional for RITLabs to release a winter edition for The Bat! each year. 2011 makes no exception, and the development team rolled out version 5.0.30 of their email client.

The list of changes in this release is quite hefty and includes plenty of new things as well as a slew of bug fixes and improvements.

Users can now copy (by clicking "Copy" on a root node) and paste multiple filters from and/or to the clipboard and there are new options available in the filter creation dialog. Abundant in the change list are Plugin API features.

The Bat! 5.0.30 adds the possibility to specify time format for the message list in the Preferences dialog. On the same note, you have the option not to show message time after the date in the message list.

The number of modifications for this version of the email client is pretty large. You can view the full changelog here.

Download The Bat! Professional from this page

Download The Bat! Home Edition from this page

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