Download Tutor for Windows 8 to Make the OS Less “Confusing”

This application can lend you a hand when trying to make the most of the new OS

With so many people calling Windows 8 a confusing operating system, it’s no surprise that apps designed to teach you how to make the most of the new software are enjoying such a terrific success.

Tutor for Windows 8 is one of the apps that really deserve a chance as it comes with a great amount of information regarding almost every new feature available in Microsoft’s latest OS, including the Start Screen, the new Task Manager, Calendar and Mail and the Windows Store.

The application comprises a remarkable collection of video tutorials that showcase these features in action, so it would be fairly easy for beginners to get to know Windows 8.

The only downside is the fact that Tutor for Windows 8 costs $4.99 (€3.75), but at least it works on x86, x64 and ARM builds of the OS.

Click here to view the Tutor for Windows 8 product page in your browser.

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