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Hefty list of repairs, improves Blu-ray playback and subtitle auto-detection

VLC received a new update today, incrementing the version number to 2.0.2. As usual, the set of modifications, which consists principally of fixes, is quite large and touches on video output (mostly Mac related), codecs, demuxers, encoders, audio filters and output and.

VLC 2.0.2 brings to the table improved Blu-ray playback and PulseAudio input latency, extends the list of supported DVD image types and v4l2 webcam outputting H264 can now be used directly. Auto-detection of subtitles in subfolders and detection behavior has been fixed.

Besides security fixes, the list of repairs addresses the DirectShow crash on exit as well as crashes in AAC decoder on channels changes, particularly in ISDB streams. On the same note, some MP4, VOC, MIDI and AU crashes have also been eliminated.

With demuxers fixes touch on MKV segments (seeking and MKV title display), DVB channels and file support and RAM, F4V, AVI and RA files support.

In the case of audio filters and output, the changes consist in limitation of specializer volume output and correcting PulseAudio volume control.

More details about the changes are available here.

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