Download a Free Meme Generator for Windows 8

Here’s one of the easiest ways to create a meme on a Windows 8 device

Meme generators have been around for a while, especially when talking about the browser-based versions, but here’s an application that brings all the features right in the Metro interface of your Windows 8 computer.

Meme-Generator comes with a great feature package that allows you to create memes using either the built-in images or a locally-stored photo.

In addition, the app comes with options to quickly share the created memes using the Windows 8 Share charm, or search the database with the built-in Search option. You can also save a meme on the local drives in BMP, JPG or PNG formats.

The application works on all Windows 8 builds, including x86, x64 and ARM, so Windows RT users can also install it on their tablets.

Click here to view the Meme-Generator Windows Store product page in your browser.

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