Download a Freeware ZIP Compression Tool for Windows 8

mZIP can handle various archive formats and comes with a free license

While WinZip is clearly a pretty good choice for all those looking for a compression tool on Windows 8 computers, it doesn’t come with a freeware license, so many users might actually stay away from it.

Instead, those of you seeking a free app to extract files from a wide array of archive formats can give a try to mZIP, a user-friendly solution that doesn’t cost a cent.

The app can handle ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP, TAR and TGZ formats, while providing dedicated options to quickly unzip all files or only the selected items.

Another good thing is that it’s completely optimized for the touch, so it can be used not only on x86 and x64 builds of Windows 8, but also on the ARM version deployed on Windows RT.

Click here to view the official Windows Store page of mZIP in your browser.

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