Download the Windows 8 Complete Guide

Microsoft launches Windows 8 Accessibility Tutorial Guide

Windows 8 is often regarded as a confusing operating system, so Microsoft is doing its best to demonstrate everyone that it’s actually a very user-friendly product.

The Windows 8 Accessibility Tutorial Guide is just the living proof, as this PDF document comprises all the information you would ever need to make the most of Windows 8.

It comprises valuable information such as keyboard shortcuts “for individuals who want to make their computer easier to see, hear and use. It provides rich accessibility information on the tools in Windows 8,” as Microsoft explained on the official Download Center page.

Needless to say, this guide helps you discover all features available in Windows 8, but remember that this isn't the full user guide for the operating system, and some tools aren't mentioned here.

Microsoft needed some time to understand that the changes it made in Windows 8 were indeed confusing and make beginners' lives harder.

Getting around the operating system is not at easy as initially believed, so it's probably a really good idea to have a look at these documents to learn more about the product and find the best ways to access its features, including the controversial Start screen, which replaced the Start menu in this release.

Additionally, you can find more ways to make the most of the new operating system by having a look at the complete list of Windows 8 shortcuts.

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