Dropbox 1.6.0 Stable Available for Download

Features improved performance, Retina Display support

The stable version for Dropbox 1.6.0 has just been released and the fresh revision integrates much awaited features as well as performance improvements.

Mac users with devices supporting Retina Display can now enjoy crisp icons and a new, double-click installer. They should also benefit from faster startup times when the amount of files available is very large.

Improvements in this revision touch on the web login from the client as well as performance, through the use of Python 2.7; the icons have been improved for all supported operating systems.

Apart from introducing these new features and improvements, the developer also dealt with a set of issues and performed an unspecified amount of small repairs.

All users of the 1.5.x version of the application will be automatically updated to Dropbox 1.6. The development team also announced that the plans for launching a menu redesign have not been put off and they continue to work on it.

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