Dropbox Experimental 1.7.7 Available for Download

It adds repairs for various bugs relating to notifications

By on February 25th, 2013 09:29 GMT

Today, Drobox Experimental has been updated to build 1.7.7. The fresh revision brings to the table repairs mostly for improving overall performance of the notification mechanism.

One of the bugs caused notifications to enter a bad state without having the ability to recover. On the same note, the developer fixed a problem with notifications failing on occasions on Windows operating system.

Enhancements are also on the list, as the development team has improved the performance when acknowledging notifications.

Another change in this revision is that clicking on a shared folder invitation now opens up the invitation box. Also, in some cases the popup would still be visible even if when the application would quit.

On Mac OS X 10.8, the messages through the Notification Center are back again.

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