Dropbox Updates Experimental and Stable Version

Double-click installer for Mac, fixes web login problem

The recent updates for the development and stable versions of Dropbox incremented the build numbers to 1.5.46 and 1.4.21 respectively.

The Experimental version, which is also a release candidate for the next stable, features an unspecific number of small repairs. However, a more significant problem has also been addressed on OS X and, at the moment, the web login should no longer launch an HTML editor instead of a web browser.

A previous update repaired a rare bug that would cause the client to re-index files continuously.

As for the current stable revision, the only modification made by the developer is the double-click installer on Mac systems.

Previous releases include fixing up problems with icons on Ubuntu 12.10 (menu icon) and Windows 8 (system tray icon), as they would not be visible.

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