Dropbox for Windows 8 Updated and Available for Download

The first app update is now available in the Store

The official Dropbox for Windows 8 application was officially released a few days ago, and the first update for the program is now available in the Windows Store.

Surprisingly, there are no details on this new version of the app, but the update shows up in the Store on both the desktop version of Windows 8 and the Surface RT.

There are no release notes available for the time being, so we can’t tell for sure if this build comes with many bug fixes or not, but no visual improvements or new features can be spotted for the time being.

Truth is, several users have complained that the app lacked some important features, so a major update would be strongly recommended. Until some official release notes are unveiled, check out the app for yourselves and let us know what you think.

Click here to view the Dropbox for Windows 8 product page in your browser.

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