Dump IE Until Microsoft Launches a Cursor Exploit Patch – Security Company

Sophos claims that it’s better to use a different browser until a fix comes out

Microsoft is currently working on a fix to patch an Internet Explorer vulnerability that allows attackers to track mouse movements but, in the meantime, it’s better to use another browser, security company Sophos said.

According to Spider.io, the company that actually discovered the flaw, the security loophole can be exploited even if Internet Explorer is unfocused, inactive or minimized. The issue affects Internet Explorer versions 6 to 10, the report reads.

“In the meantime, while we're waiting for a possible fix, the best solution - if you are worried about this flaw - is to use a different browser than Internet Explorer,” Lisa Vaas of Sophos said.

Microsoft has also confirmed the issue and said it’s working on a patch, but an actual release date has not been provided.

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