Expect More from Windows 8 in 2013 – Microsoft

The company says that it will work closer with its partners to boost Windows 8 sales

Peter Klein, Chief Financial Officer at Microsoft, said during the conference call with financial analysts that the company expects Windows 8 to perform better this year, but he emphasized that the operating system is already selling very well, with 60 million copies delivered so far.

One of the most interesting statements concerns hardware partners, as Klein said several times that Microsoft intends to work closer with all PC manufacturers in order to create a wide variety of devices capable of running Windows 8.

According to some unofficial reports, Microsoft is currently blaming PC makers for the disappointing Windows 8 sales performance, hinting that the limited number of touchscreen devices available on the market is also hurting the overall results of the new operating system.

Klein, however, stated that Microsoft and partners will work closer this year to release many more Windows 8 computers, while also adding that the operating system is very likely to boost its sales in the upcoming months.

He also reminded everyone that the Windows 8 discount expires at the end of the month, so users who wish to upgrade to the new software should buy a copy as soon as possible.

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