Fake Windows 8 Serial Numbers Spamming YouTube

More and more YouTube clips encourage users to download fake activators

Fake Windows 8 key generators and serial numbers are already out there in the wild trying to spread malware, but such pieces of software have also reached the utterly popular video-sharing service YouTube.

There are tens of YouTube clips available right now that provide instructions on how to hack Windows 8 and activate the operating system at no cost.

While getting Windows 8 for free may be quite an appealing offer, all these videos are actually fake and are trying to direct users to all sorts of affiliate websites paying the attacker for every received click.

The whole trick is pretty simple: each of these YouTube videos comes with a download link to an archive that’s said to contain the free Windows 8 activator. The archive, however, comprises another password-protected executable file and a text document that prompts you to click on a bunch of links in order to find out the password.

This kind of malicious attempts has been around for a while, so users are strongly recommended to avoid clicking on such videos. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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