Firefox, Chrome Still Behind Internet Explorer 8 and 9

Microsoft’s own IE8 remains the top browser on the web

Internet Explorer is clearly the number one browser in the world, but it’s not the 10th version the one that’s topping the rankings.

A new set of statistics provided by Net Applications for March 2013 shows that Internet Explorer 8.0 managed to protect its leading spot last month, so it reached a market share of 23.23 percent, while its successor, Internet Explorer 9.0, arrived second with 20.62 percent.

Mozilla’s very own challenger in the browser war recorded a share of 13.55 percent, while Chrome 25.0 ended the month with 13.42 percent.

Internet Explorer 6.0 remains shockingly popular, as the aforementioned statistics point to a market share of 6.21 percent for the 11-year-old browser that’s installed by default in Windows XP. IE10, the latest version of Microsoft’s in-house browser, is still far away with only 2.93 percent.

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