Former Hacker Joins Apple After “Fixing” Windows Vista

Kristin Paget now works on Apple’s very own security team

Kristin Paget, formerly known as Chris Paget, is now an official Apple employee, as she decided to join the fruit-named company’s security team.

Although she wasn’t allowed to talk about her work at Microsoft, Paget is known as the security engineer who managed to lock down the Windows operating system, working on patching plenty of Windows Vista bugs.

The story is pretty simple: Microsoft initially thought that Vista was already a fully-secure operating system, but Paget, formerly a security researcher, actually found and fixed plenty of bugs.

“We prevented a lot of bugs from shipping on Vista,” she said in 2011 at the Black Hat Las Vegas conference, according to Wired. “I’m proud of the number of bugs we found and helped get fixed.”

Windows Vista had to be delayed because of Paget’s bug-fixing project, but Microsoft was finally so excited with her job that the whole team received special T-shirts reading “I delayed Windows Vista.”

And, in the end, Windows Vista was nothing more than a big disaster. With many, many bugs.

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