Freecell HD Lands on Windows 8, Free Download Available

Play the most popular card game without leaving the Metro UI

There are many card games available on Windows 8 platforms, but Freecell undoubtedly remains one of the most popular titles ever released.

That’s why we’re pretty sure that Freecell HD will appeal to quite a lot of Windows 8 adopters, as it brings eye-candy graphics, several designs for the board and the cards and options to play easier games.

In addition, the app bundles multiple configuration settings, including support for landscape or portrait mode, unlimited undos, game replays, statistics, and hints.

Freecell HD is completely optimized for the touch, so in addition to x86 and x64 computers, it can be played on Windows RT tablets as well. It’s available with a freeware license, which means that users can download it at no cost.

Click here to view the official Freecell HD product page in your browser.

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