Galactic Reign Strategy Game for Windows 8 Now Available for Download – Video

Microsoft has just confirmed the launch of the game on Windows 8 platforms

One more exciting game has landed on the newly released Windows 8 operating system, as Microsoft brought Galactic Reign on both the desktop and the tablet versions of its new software.

The turn-based strategy game is available in the Store right now and requires players to design ships, build fleets and colonize planets “in a head-to-head race to dominate the galaxy,” as Microsoft says.

Since it comes with Xbox support, it provides online achievements and leaderboards to compete with your friends over the Internet.

“These fiery, full-motion combat sequences look like they were created in Hollywood, but their real secret is that they’re actually rendered in the cloud and downloaded to your device. The mini-movies are more than just eye candy: Savvy players can mine the footage for key insights into their opponents’ strategy and strengths,” the company continued.

Click here to view the Windows Store page of Galactic Reign in your browser.

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