Get These Free Windows 8 Apps While You Still Can

Microsoft will soon remove its collection of free apps from the Store

Back in December, Microsoft created a special software category in the Windows Store that included six different apps available for free until January 31, 2013.

Starting today, “Where’s My Water?” and “Where’s My Perry?,” two of the apps available in this software category, are no longer obtainable for free, but with a price tag of $1.49 (€1).

At this point, there are only four different apps still displayed in the category, namely the ESPN app. Expedia, The New York Times and Zinio. The special offer will last until the end of January.

“Check out these offers and save some money. You’ll find great apps, subscriptions, and premium services for a reduced price or, in some cases, for free,” the description posted in the Windows Store reads.

Similar special offers are, however, very likely to be introduced in the future, so we’ll keep you posted on this.

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