Glary Utilities Updated with Improved Windows 8.1 Support – Free Download

A new version released today comes with better compatibility with the new OS version

Glary Utilities is one of system optimization tools that are already working on Windows 8.1, but the developing team behind the project has just released a new version that’s supposed to correct all issues spotted on the new OS versions.

Glary Utilities comes with improved Software Update tool, better Internet Explorer cookie cleaning, and optimization startup item detection algorithm. At the same time, it also features some improvements for the registry cleaning module on Windows 8.1, as well as updated translations.

Just as expected, the new version includes minor GUI improvements and bug fixes for some of the issues spotted in older builds.

In addition to Windows 8.1, the application also works on all the other Windows versions on the market, including the aging Windows XP.

Overall, this is clearly a necessary update for all users, so go ahead and download Glary Utilities right now to see what’s new in this build.

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