Good News for Windows 8: PCs Still Number One on the Web

Most people are still using desktop PCs to browse the web

StollzNow Research has just published the findings of a new survey, revealing that PCs still represent the most popular choice when it comes to browsing the Internet, while smartphones and tablets take the second and the third spot, respectively.

94 percent of the respondents said they were using a PC to connect to the Internet, while 69 percent of them also relied on their smartphones for web browsing. Only 58 percent of the consumers use a tablet for this purpose.

This is clearly good news for Windows 8, Microsoft’s latest operating system that’s available on desktop PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

Sales of the new software are apparently disappointing, with Steve Ballmer blaming the PC industry for Windows 8 slow debut. Given the fact that PCs are still popular for Internet users, Windows 8 sales could actually take off in 2013 at a much faster pace.

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