Google Chrome 23.0.1271.10 Beta Available for Download

Introduces API for browser-based audio and video communication

A new update has been released for Google Chrome beta. Version 23.0.1271.10 of the web browser is currently available for all supported platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame).

The big news is that it expands support for WebRTC by introducing PeerConnection API, which allows for real-time communication (both audio and video) without having to rely on a plug-in. Thus, the browser is soon to become a self-sufficient instrument for making video and audio calls.

Furthermore, the new Chrome beta adds track support for HTML5 video. In plain terms this means that metadata and elements such as subtitles, captions or descriptions, can be added to HTML5 video.

The last big thing on the list is adaptive video playback, thanks to MediaSource API, which can change the quality of the streamed media according to the type of network used or the computer, for the video to play smoothly.

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