Google Chrome Users Aren’t Allowed to Download Windows 8 Apps

The “View in Windows Store” button doesn’t show up in Chrome

Windows Store is a key feature of the upcoming Windows 8, but beside the built-in service to search for applications, users are also allowed to find apps using their default browser.

Whenever you load a product page in Internet Explorer or Firefox, the browser-based Windows Store displays the app description, screenshots, ratings and other info, along with a “View in Windows Store” button to launch Windows Store and download or purchase it.

Google Chrome however doesn’t display this button, which is a bit awkward given the fact that Google’s browser holds a significant market share in this particular software segment.

The issue was posted on Twitter by Charlie Kindel, who also noted that everything works fine in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

We indeed confirm that Google Chrome is the only one affected by this problem and everything works fine on both Mozilla Firefox 15 and Internet Explorer 10.

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