Google+, Other Services Not Working in Windows 8.1 – Report

It turns out that IE11 incorrectly displays several other Google services

As I’ve reported to you this morning, Internet Explorer 11 apparently breaks down Google Search in Windows 8.1 due to what seems to be a rendering issue.

It appears that Google Search isn’t the only affected service, as The Next Web reports that many other Google products are actually experiencing problems when loaded in Internet Explorer 11.

Google+ and a few other Google services could be rendered incorrectly in IE11 on Windows 8.1, even though some appear to have absolutely no problem when loading these pages.

It all seems to be just a compatibility issue, so disabling the IE11 Compatibility View list from the settings menu should do the job. This is only a temporary fix, so make sure you enable the feature back when Microsoft releases a fully working patch.

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