“Great” Twitter App for Windows 8 Confirmed

Twitter is developing its very own app for Windows 8

The Windows Store is already coming with some interesting choices for those looking to tweet from their Windows 8 devices, but the programmers over at Twitter are planning to develop their very own app for Microsoft’s new OS.

Sadly, the app won’t arrive sooner than 2013, but at least we know that it’ll be released at some point.

Twitter confirmed in a post via its Twitter Mobile account that a Windows 8 app is going to be released in the upcoming months and will, of course, be available via the Windows Store.

Courtesy of Twitter Mobile, this message could also be a hint that Twitter plans to focus more on the new Windows Phone 8 platform, so advanced features in this regard are very likely to be announced.

“Windows 8 needs a great Twitter app. So we’re building it. Looking forward to sharing it with you in the months ahead,” the tweet reads.

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