Hacker Gets Windows 95 to Run on Windows RT

Several apps have been recompiled to work on Microsoft’s tablet OS

A security expert has already managed to bypass Microsoft’s restrictions to find a way to run unsigned desktop apps on Windows RT, so the jailbreak community has started work on developing new ways to make the most of this exploit.

XDA Forums user Netham45 has ported several apps to Windows RT, including PuTTy, TightVNC and BOCHS which, in their turn, allowed him to set up a virtual copy of Windows 95.

As you can figure out from the long forum thread, modifying software to run on Windows RT involves a lot of work and that’s reassuring for Microsoft, as the company has already confirmed the exploit.

The software firm says that only the most advanced users would try to do this, but admitted that a fix to block future attempts may be released at some point.

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