Here’s a Very Neat Microsoft Bing – Facebook Integration – Video

The company showcases the way your Facebook account is integrated into Bing

Microsoft continues its work on the Bing search engine, trying to make it better than Google’s, so the company has just released a video to showcase the way your Facebook account can be integrated into the search results page.

If you log in with your Facebook username and password when you use Bing, the social side bar provides a great amount of information collected from the content posted by your friends on the social network service.

You can see status updates, comments, photos and links you friends have shared related to your search by simply writing down a keyword in the search box on Bing.

In addition, you can also share search results without leaving the Bing page. You’re in control with what you wish to share, Microsoft guarantees.

Have a look at this video and tell us what you think in the comment box below.

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