Here’s the Best Windows 8 Keyboard and Touch Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

The common keyboard and touch gestures presented in just a single photo

It’s no secret that Windows 8 remains a very controversial product, even though users can find a great amount of tutorials and resources supposed to help them discover the new operating system.

A Microsoft developer, however, created this cheat sheet that does even more than that: it presents the common keyboard and touch gestures in just a single photo.

Basically, this picture presents not only the most important changes implemented into Windows 8, but also the fastest and easiest ways to make the most of them, including the navigation bar, the Snap View mode, the Charms, and the active apps.

Of course, many more keyboard shortcuts are also available, but for the complete list of hotkeys, check out this page. And use the comment box below to mention the keyboard shortcuts you use the most.

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