How to Access the iOS App Store from Windows 8’s Metro UI

The so-called iApps Store brings Apple’s app store on Windows 8

Even though it may sound a bit uncanny to be an Apple fan and use Windows 8, some people want to browse the iOS App Store while using a device running Microsoft’s latest operating system.

There’s an app for that too, and it’s called iApps Store, offering some pretty neat features that bring the iOS store right in the Metro UI of your Windows 8 computer.

iTunes is not required and the app comes with a great amount of information, including feature highlights, app ranking on various categories and countries, app search, bookmarks, browsing history, sharing, and searching.

The app can be used on all Windows 8 versions, including x86, x64, and ARM builds, which means that Surface RT owners can install it as well.

Click here to view the iApps Store product page in your browser right now.

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