How to Convert Your Surface Tablet into a Full-Featured Gaming Console – Video

Simply connect the tablet to your TV and to an Xbox controller

If we are to believe Steve Ballmer’s very own words, the Surface combines the best of two worlds, laptops and tablets. Judging by this video, however, it also borrows some very important goodies from the gaming industry.

Aaron Toulmin has managed to convert his Surface tablet into a full-featured gaming console by connecting his tablet to a 100-inch projector via HDMI. What’s more, he used an Xbox 360 controller to make the most of the games available in the Store.

As you can see for yourselves in this video, the Surface really seems prepared to provide an exciting gaming experience, but this also depends on the games you’ll find in the Store.

If you don’t have a projector or an Xbox 360 wireless controller, a standard TV with a HDMI port and a USB controller should be just fine.

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