Hurry Up, the Cheapest Surface Is Back in Stock

Microsoft’s US Store lists the 32 GB as “back in stock”

Microsoft’s US online store is now listing the 32 GB Surface tablet as “back in stock,” as the device got sold out in less than 24 hours after the parent company started the preorder program.

Pricing is basically the same, so for $499 (€380) you won’t get more than the entry-level Surface with 32 GB storage space and without the Black Touch Cover.

Although US buyers finally have the chance to purchase the cheapest Surface, not the same thing can be said about other markets.

According to, the 32 GB model is still out of stock in Australia, Germany, Canada and France.

In the United Kingdom, only the 64 GB Surface with a Black Touch Cover is available. This particular model comes with a price of £559 (€698 / $895).

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