IE10 Beats Firefox and Chrome in Microsoft’s Penguin Benchmark

Microsoft’s latest browser is the best on the market, according to a new test

We’ve already told you that Microsoft has launched a new Penguin Mark benchmark to determine the fastest browser on the market, but it seems like IE10 gains the highest score every time, regardless of the hardware configuration and Internet connection.

We’ve performed the test on both Windows 7 and Windows 8, with different hardware configurations and IE10 outperforms all of its rivals.

Although this benchmark isn’t quite accurate, the score recorded by IE10 in all tests is clearly higher than all the other browsers on the market, with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox sometimes snatching a Penguin Mark score of only 2 points.

Basically, “the faster your browser, the higher your Penguin Mark score goes,” as Microsoft said, so the benchmark demonstrates that IE10 is actually the fastest browser on the market.

But is it that good? Post your thoughts in the comment box below.

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