Interest in Microsoft’s Surface RT Dropped After Launch – Study

A new study shows that Apple’s iPad remains the top choice for tablet seekers

Microsoft is yet to disclose some official sales statistics for its first tablet in history, but analysts are actually suggesting that the Surface RT is yet to take off.

And a new research conducted by Parks Associates and published by CNN does nothing more than to confirm this.

Interest in Microsoft’s Surface RT has dropped significantly after the company announced pricing, with more people now planning to buy an Apple iPad 2 and a Kindle Fire.

44 percent of the consumers said they would buy the iPad, while 24 percent have chosen the Kindle Fire. Microsoft’s Surface is the third with 21 percent, ahead of the Google Nexus 7 which has recorded a 12 percent score.

“Once pricing and product details were announced, holiday intentions to purchase a Microsoft Surface dropped to 21% in Q4 from 45% in Q3,” John Barrett, director of Consumer Analytics at Parks Associates, explained.

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