Internet Explorer 10 Much Better than Firefox and Chrome at Blocking Malware – Study

Security firm claims that Microsoft’s new browser version is pretty secure

The race between the world’s most popular browsers continues, this time with a study conducted by security research firm NSS Labs.

The company tested five of the top browsers on the market for a total of 28 days to determine which one blocks the largest amount of malware.

Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome 25 and 26, Mozilla Firefox 19, Apple Safari 5 and Opera 12 have been all tested approximately 18,000 times to find out if they manage to block all malicious URLs on Windows 8 computers. The results (PDF reader needed) pretty much speak for themselves.

Internet Explorer 10 got the first place by blocking 99.96 percent of the malware, followed by Google Chrome with 73.16 percent.

Safari 5 is still far behind with 10.15 percent, while Firefox 19 comes next with 9.92 percent. Opera 12 is the last browser in the rankings with only 1.87 percent.

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