Internet Explorer 10 Overtakes Firefox 21, Goes After Chrome 27

New figures show that many more consumers are now using IE10

Internet Explorer 10 adoption is on the rise, statistics provided by market researcher Net Applications for the month of June 2013 reveal.

At this point, Internet Explorer 10 is installed on 13.52 percent of computers worldwide, while Firefox 21, currently one of the main rivals, is holding a market share of 12.47 percent.

Chrome 27, on the other hand, remains the second most popular browser out there, with a share of 13.76 percent, still behind Internet Explorer 8.0 and its market share of 22.67 percent.

As you probably know, Internet Explorer 10 is the default browser on Windows 8, but it’s also being offered to Windows 7 users as an optional download. Still, adopters of the company’s latest operating system are provided with two different versions of the browser that could be used in Metro and desktop modes.

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